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    wann ist die Beta fertig und wann erscheint die finale Version? Danke

    lorsque la carte est terminée

    Übersetzung spare ich mir jetzt da die Antwort zumindest allen deutschsprachigen bekannt ist.

    W czy istnieje mod na drożdże do wypieku chleba i worki z podpałką ?


    Gibt es einen Mod für Hefe zum Backen von Brot und Säcken mit Anzünder?

    nie ma własnego mod. Wszystko, czego potrzebujesz, możesz kupić w sklepie lub samemu spakować zrębki.


    es gibt keinen eigenen Mod. Alles was Du benötigst kannst Du entweder im Shop kaufen bzw. Hackschnitzel selbst in Säcke abpacken.

    I have given up on this map. Over and out. will never be free

    that may be your opinion. Everytime a new release was launched most of the player was unhappy because of new start and short time between releases. Now Andy put a lot more functions and ideas into this release and take more time to develop - now all are crying for a launch.

    However - it will be always wrong.

    You have three options:

    1. play release till release will be launched

    2. play in meantime another map

    3. become a supporter and take part for the beta tests (but think you may have to start a new game several times)

    when Andy is happy with all new things and the tests are finished.

    In this comming update there is a lot new (productions changed away from global company, new area, new fields, new selling points, additional productions and so on).

    in the meantime play happy with because with next release you have to start a new game.

    Une autre question surement bête... a quoi sert le grenier au dessus du box a chevaux ?

    Übersetzung: wofür ist der Dachboden über dem Pferdestall?

    Vous pouvez y ranger de petites choses que vous pouvez porter à la main. Une échelle se trouve à l'arrière du bâtiment

    Übersetzung: Du kannst kleine Sachen die man mit der Hand tragen kann dort lagern. Eine Leiter steht an der Rückseite des Gebäudes.

    That's strange. I can't see any reason for your problem.

    Have you tried to download the Beta2 again? I won't belive but maybe the downloaded Hof Bergmann package is corrupted.

    But before you Download it again - please try to switch the language tto german for a test.

    the slaughterhouse is based on a LUA Script to generate meat out of animals. Why ever - after first save this script generates an error. It seems that the script get's wrong values.
    Therefore I think the game itself has a problem and you should try to uninstall and reinstall the game. There is nothing else in your log.txt what will make troubles.

    Other supporter don't have this problem.

    That's not normal - but i can't find a reason in log of phoenix43

    Maybe the game itself has a problem. Please try to uninstall the game completely and delete all folders (also under documents/my games/farming simulator). Than reinstall the game and try it again.

    Übersetuung: muss man die deinstallieren wenn man die spielen möchte.

    Nē, jūs varat arī palaist paralēli savā mod mapē

    Übersetzung: nein , Du kannst die in einem eigenen Modordner parallel nutzen.

    Nö you have to create different mod folder directly in your ../my Games/FarmingSimulator19 folder.

    For exampe "ModsHofBergmann", "ModdSlovakiaValley" and so on.

    Before you start to play you have to rename the folder you want to use to "Mods".

    An other method ist to change the Mod folder in your gamesettings.xml.

    For Hof Bergmann you still need GlobalCompany

    What are you doing with all that mods?
    I dont't belive your are using all mods at Hof Bergmann.

    1st. for each map an own mod folder

    2nd. only the mods you're really use on the map in this mod folder

    at Hof Bergmann you shouldn't use production mods which are produeing more or less the same as the productions in Hof Bergmann.

    Clear your mod ordner and reduce the mods - this will lower the risk ob troubles and save resources of your System