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    I got back to the drawing board. I cant figure it out. I will send a link with all the mods i have and maybe u can find what the problem is

    ok that willl do it i only have 30 mods and moste of them are farmer andys and snus so theres no hick ups lol

    I found the problem. It was John Deere Cotton Pack dlc that crached the world, I tryed to have the same mods on felsbrunn and the same thing happend. So if anyone have the problem with the Save game craches thats the reason :)

    I have Globle installed and tryed eaven to reinstall everything. Im gonna test now again with just the mods from the "Pack" and see if it helps. If that dosnt help then im gonna reinstall my Farming.

    Hello i just started to play this map yesterday. When i save and quit the game and then go back to the save everything is gone. Its like im on a diffirent map. What can the problem be?