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    i only have problem with the eggs only i use the butcher alll the time thanks for helping me thank you very much

    can any one help me pls why are they bringing hof bergmann what fixes are in the map i havent seen any problems only the egg cartoons scatered every were when a knew boxes arrives i tryed to read farmer andys comit but haveing trouble as i only read english pls help thank you

    thats a shame about the traffic its the only thing missing now its a perfect map ime in fist day of spring and i dinte stop all through winter working lol i havent started on the bread yet i have just got my milk so ime working very hard lol thanks again if u hear any thing about the traffic pls let us know pls thanks again i love the traffice in hofman in 2017 it was going 2 ways then lets pray for it

    is farmer andy bring the traffic back you should look at sandy bays traffic coming out soon the best i have seen motor bikes small trucks, tractors and some areas go faster like real life

    hi i hope farmer andy is bringing traffic back you should look at the traffic on sandy bay thats coming out soon motor bikes traffic goes faster like real life they stop when they see a obstruction look very also trucks and other vehecles

    juarj .m not sure what to say but try this deleet all saved games from hoffmann and no mods in youre folder only global mod and the lattest up dat from giants try that ok i think u have hofman in youre comp some were else

    the skinner takes money from you when you take him DEAD pigs from the breading pens to hime note only from the breading pig pens you will see them dead in the pens there are 3 pens

    and the apples and pears are random you might whate days or they are there when you start the game and they will only last a few days and then they come back again ok i hope that helps i have been liveing on hofmann farm since 2015 lol so call me if you need help ime in first day of autumn at the moment no milk yet lol

    you must have the global mod in youre folder make sure its the no other size plsand the lattest update from giants whitch is 1.5.1 and you must start a knew saved game let me know what hapens i have seen that before ok bye buddy

    you know you can sell them at the restaurant i think they have to bee in a large container like the lettuce ,tomatoes ,bell peppers, easy to load and sell thats y u tubes donte show you to hard for them lol they only harvest or feed the animals lol

    i havent done the bread yet but the apple boxes takes a lot of time but i finde the selling is very hard i have just made the green houses very easy now with the big containers and selling is very easy but i agree with you what you say i haven seen any one on u tube sell apples or do the greenhouse because its to hard for them or they cante do it