Problem hit Bergman V7 beta 1

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  • Hi everyone, I downloaded the mod real life mods today and I added the germanium version, ie the german version, and added only on hof Bergman mod Tyloo from the hof map and the game and the map do not want to load me the mods or the map?:)

    Czekam na 5 minut dla mnie czytać mapę, ale nic, ale ładuje się cały czas i reakcje zerowe a wczoraj normalnie, bez tego prawdziwego życia mod gra była załadunku i dzisiaj w ogóle?

    Help me ?

  • Hi, write again if you know English, write in English and if you know Polish, write in Polish because I don't understand what to do and write me step by step what should I do?

  • CZ - Také jsem měl tento problém, doporučuji pouze spustit Map + Mods z balíčku + Season Mods. Po spuštění hry proveďte savegame a pak už jen spusťte ostatní mody

    PL - Ja też miałem ten problem, polecam tylko uruchomić Bergmann + Mods Map z pakietu Bergmann + Season Mods. Po uruchomieniu zapisz grę, a następnie uruchom ją ponownie ze wszystkimi modami

    AN - I also had this problem, I only recommend running Bergmann + Mods Map from the Bergmann + Season Mods package. After starting the game save and then restart again with all mods

  • Hello, why does a mod called real life mods or real life numbers do not work or works on the hof Bergman V7 beta 1 map and what does it change on the drink so much because I read from the author's diary that forcing the whole game, i.e. the value of grain and other fruit, gives us realistic and real data about kilograms and tones collected from half different?

    Why doesn't this mod work with season mod because it jams the whole game I just walk aside or go forward vez pressing any button on the map just jams the whole game to me and mape also I can't move on the map alone and the mod is compatible with season for sure because there was an update so that you can play with season modem

    Greetings to

  • Hi,

    I will get a copy of the map and do some tests. From the log I can see that the error is caused by an animal type. I'm testing a new update to RealLifeNumbers which is compatible with CALF, GOAT and DUCK.

    All the best,


  • Hi, what does it mean you are testing a new version of the map and there will be a new map update or real life numbers mod?

    What should I do when I try to play on this fashion and here I'm spooked by the game that I'm entering the game and I just walk on the map myself I press W and he walks in every direction on the map and this is caused by a problem with the map or fs 19 or I have too many bugs and bad mods in the log that affect the map Farmer Andy on hof Bergman V7 beta 1 version of this map ?

    And can you tell us more clearly what this new update is about and why there was no contact with you at all in the giants software forum?

    How can you be contacted by email or Facebook or steam? 😏😊🤔🤔😁😁😁😁😁

    All the best

    Przemek Barczak

  • The error has to do with the fill type indices being altered by a mod. Normally new fill types are assigned fill type indicies at the end of the list. But now the fill type indices of default ingame items have changed. I think this is what causes the issue.

    My e-mail is at the top of all the script in the mod. And if I'm not logged into Giants every day, it is because I work 10 hours per day. I only have time for Farming Simulator in the weekends.

  • How do I get hold of a copy of the HOF Bergman map which I can actually unpack? I've tried downloading the latest officiel version, but it asks for a password when I unpack the RAR file. I do not work with beta versions of maps.

  • Farmer Andy has so many Scripts in Hof Bergman that it is unwise to add mods that change crops, add fill-types or alter production and the like.

  • Code
    Please tell me where you can get a map for review Hof Bergman V7? Who can I contact? I am from Russia, therefore, I write through the Google translator. I'm sorry for the mistakes
  • why don't I load the map version of hof bergman v1_0_0_62 and here my logo from the map reads for a very long time the map from the season and yesterday I turned on the map from seson+ fashion from the package and everything worked well and real life numbers mod?

    link to my logo from fs 19 while loading the map and I play the map version v1_0_0_0_62 because on v& version it doesn't work for me in real life numbers mod because it steals my game

    Translated with (free version)