Problem hof Bergman V7 beta 1

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  • Hello, why does a mod called real life mods or real life numbers do not work or works on the hof Bergman V7 beta 1 map and what does it change on the drink so much because I read from the author's diary that forcing the whole game, i.e. the value of grain and other fruit, gives us realistic and real data about kilograms and tones collected from half different?

    Why doesn't this mod work with season mod because it jams the whole game I just walk aside or go forward vez pressing any button on the map just jams the whole game to me and mape also I can't move on the map alone and the mod is compatible with season for sure because there was an update so that you can play with season modem

    Maybe speak Polish?:)^^8)

  • Mam problem z mapą hof bergaman, jeśli chcę rozpakować mapę i pliki modpack pokazuje mi ten błąd: podaj hasło do zaszyfrowanego pliku i czy mogę dostać hasło?

    I have a problem with the hof bergaman map, if I want to unpack the map and modpack files, it shows me this error: enter the password for the encrypted file and can I have a password?