Hof Bergmann Transport Missions Problem

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  • Hi guys,

    I 've noticed the transport missions are in German and since I don't speak German I've decided to translate them in English.

    Unfortunately either in German or in English, I see the same warning in the log :

    "Warning: Deleting object 'detectionTrigger' before all triggers are removed"

    Can someone please help me to resolve the problem ? I know, the shorter answer is to not use the transport missions, but this is not the answer:)

    EDIT :


    I APOLOGIZE, I really apologize. I just found out that the problem was the mod Manual Attach, this mod was the problem and not the transport missions. It was a coincidence because I installed Manual Attach and then starter the transport missions. Forgive me for all the trouble.

    Please consider this topic as resolved and I would like to ask from moderators to delete it.

    Thank you.

    Edited once, last by EURO.FARMER: problem solved, please delete the topic. Thanx ().