Water/milk tap triggers

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  • Hello,

    Can someone tell me how to fix tap triggers in bakery and magazine with milk and probably all of them wherever else they are? It works if I start the game with ONLY Bergmann map but if I start with my mods it doesn't work anymore (and also important it doesn't work also with only globalcompany and manure system). What's the problem with this and how do I fix this?

    I tried pouring water to my bucket from tap but it just won't fill in when using mods. As well tried filling my bucket with milk the same happens. Only works with Bergmann and nothing else.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Have you looked at the FAQ?

    Frequently Asked Questions - lsfarming-mods.com

    It's recommended against using Global Companies, for instance.

    Manual attach can cause problems with buckets.

    There are so many custom scripts in Hof Bergmann that many mods will conflict with it.

    If there are certain mods you really want to use, try removing all mods from your mods folder and then add in a few at a time and see if they work.

  • Ahh, it's there. I wasn't expecting manual attach to cause problems with water taps, milk etc.

    I can't find anything about globalcompany beside it just saying it's not compatible I was using it for few months without any problems as well as gc field lease.