Water Pump in Hof Bergman

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  • Hello .

    Thank you very much for this so interesting and beautiful Map, congratulations.

    I play with the seàson mod. I have a problème with the water Pump you Can buy. I don't know how it's run and where to put it. Can you help me ?


  • The water pump will fill up to 15 litres when watertank reacess less waterstand. Should be placed near watertanks.

  • with the "Animal Pen Extension" mod you can fill watertanks for waterstands and it have other fine functions. You can find that mod in other FS19 mod websites.

  • what water pump i think youre talking about the pump from the tankers of milk to the cheese house i have no milk yet will have soon but i know you use it on the cheese house out side from the tanker of milk to the conection out side going into the cheese hose

  • It works, I use it on Hof Bergmann so much easyer, I fill up watertank (on Picture) by the Cow Pen 2 every morning. :)

  • Thank you for your answers.i was talked about the pump LFSM and i've Seen that it was a Pump for thé milk like you said John 770.

    And for thé water there is a Pump in the mod season but i don't think it is possible to use it on thé map. I will try the wolffram solution.