missing butchery

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  • Hi,

    i have problem with butchery,

    i come with hans for any chicken meat but butchery build is not here, i looking for fix it and i find out my problem

    everytime when i create mutiplayer game, butchery dissapear

    everytime when i save game(with/without mods) and reload game, butchery dissapear

    i try start new games and again starting with saves and butchery again dissapear

    can u help me with it? i will thankful for any answer

  • mmmmmmmm i think its one of youre mods take them alll out then try it what about alll youre other buildings are there all there check them also the green houses also if u have the wrong globle will do it also only have

  • some time the updates i donte do them if its working ok y changed like andy gatior pack ime still useing the old version as its beter u can load see in the old one and cary objects as the knew one u cant trus me i only play on hof bergmann no other map an i have been playing it since 2015 ok budy

  • Okay, just cerated a new Multiplayer game (for test) everything seems to work and nothing missing with GC 1.1.00. You are right GC does not support Hof Bergmann map. You must have a error some where.

  • yes i did a lot of testing with i even down loaded 2 knew hofmans and i took all my mods out as well i even used a knew saved game u will have a problem if u saved a game with the buildings are missing try it in a knew game first the things to have a look at is the first thing i always look at is the cheese fact then the green houses i always check them but it will be fine then do youre save game it will be ok if u didnte save the game when the building were missing tell me what happens ok

  • can you also help me what did andy say about hofmann is it coming out soon and do we have to start a knew game i hope not as my hoffbergmann has no weeds now all round the yards and the farms i own also took me 2 days to do even the house also the green houses are now all have tiles and some grave my big cow paddocks have no weed also so can u let me know what he said plss thanks

  • Global Company has blocked the Hof Bergmann map, Andy is working on a version without GC script. Version will come in about 1-3 weeks with same function as GC. So be patient, please.

    Other wise for full translation use Google Translation or other translation software :)