Hof Bergmann fps problem

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  • Hello. I have a problem with fps only on this map... Fps all the time drop below 60. Removing all machines doesn't help. Other maps 100fps+
    Play on Very High settings, laptop spec: gtx 1660ti i7 9750h

    Which settings will improve performance?

  • Ryzen 5 3600 / GTX 1080. Hof Bergmann

    I have steady 60 fps everywhere except near the main farm house. Drops to ~50 fps there which is still OK.

    But the real problem is when arriving to the main farm yard through the side entry. FPS drops to 31 which is a problem. Maybe dynamic mud is causing this as there is a mud puddle on that path?

    Any fix for these low FPS spikes?

  • Bonjour, pouvez-vous me dire sur la carte Hof Bergmann dans la ferme et au alentour les jeux en 4k tourne en 20 FPS ou 30, 32, 36, 42 FPS ???

    il est impossible d'avoir un jeux stable en 4K 60 FPS ni dans la ferme ni ailleurs ..

    je me demande pourquoi ?? testeur aussi sans mods juste à la carte. résultat identique ...

    Ma configuration PC: i7 8700K 32 RAM, RTX 2080 TI, SSD, Moniteur 4k 60HZ Dell.

  • - GTX 2080Ti, 9900KS, 32GB RAM - 16fps in Hof Bergmann at times. 100fps on other maps! I expect a drop for such a complex map but this seems excessive no?

    CPU Utilization is only 13% - GPU 35%. What can I do?

  • Guys,

    I will tell you what I did, and it is up to you to decide if you want to do the same.

    I think the problem is because of the many scripts, for example mayonnaise, bread, cheese, etc. I asked myself :

    "do you like this map? if yes just ignore the fps problem, lower the game settings and keep playing Hof Bergmann. Otherwise go play another map".

    Well, I think you can guess what I did :)

  • После Хоффа Бергмана я больше не пойду ни на одну карту . Это великолепная , грандиозная карта . Я любил ее вечно . Если мой компьютер не потянет эту карту , я влезу в долги , возьму кредит на новый мощный компьютер, чтобы играть на этой замечательной карте. Но мой компьютер легко справляется с этой картой на максимальных скоростях . Я счастлив , я торжествую . Хофф Бергман навсегда ! Спасибо замечательным людям, создавшим этот шедевр !