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    does any one help me pls the apple juicer only works when i first start the game up if i use it latter in the game it wonte give me juice in seasons pls help ?????? thanks

    Yes. I figured it out. When you finished putting the juice into the barrel, make sure you stop overloading BEFORE removing the barrel. Also get easy development controls, when it does stop making juice use the developer control to reset the juicer while you are operating it. The apples then turn into juice properly and you can continue.

    i pulled a trailer behind my forage havester and dumped the chaff in rows in the field, then came back and baler wrapped it. Cant wait to try out my Fastbaler for that. Same idea as the little bunker mentioned above, but a little messier. The little bunker also autostacks the wrapped bales of correct type.

    what he means is that these things happend differently in seasons than intended. Yes on mine the horses vanish too, never to return.

    He's also saying this is why you test with seasons first and ensure everything is working for your liking.

    On anither note i might find out why. I just made my private edit have all the Farm Agency crops and is now MaizePlus ready, and working so far. Everything grows, i can make CCM and ferment it in the maize bunkers, just gotta make sure compost works still. While I'm in there I am going to see why the horses disapear, as i believe the other ddco critters at the animal exchange don't.

    i... didn't say anything like that. I found my mods that made conflicts. I never accused anyone of making accusstions. It's an awesome very complex map. I just noticed a thing in a field.

    so, first of all, what an absolutely awesome map!! I've been having a great time and figuring out how everything works was a small challenge in itself... mostly it was mod conflicts and those were removed.

    Small issue i noticed, in the sheep pasture the goats would not produce milk? Once i moved them by trailer to the sheep stable they began producing milk right away, for those that could (I am running seasons of course.)

    Beyond thay, best map ever made for its manner of involvment in activities!! Love the 3d apples too! (I see global company copied the idea and the beehives but not as good as yours by far.) Keep up the great work!!

    Would love to see realistic seeder integrated into the map, but of course runs fine on its own! Another awesome mod, love all your teams work!!! Cheers!